An Unwavering Commitment
to Family Building
Through Adoption

same-sex adoptive parents

At Adoption Connect Tech, we are working tirelessly to solve the complex challenges related to family building through adoption. We strive to innovate adoption through technology. Our products and platforms have helped build countless loving families through powerful connections made on our platforms. To us, family is everything.

About Us

Adoption Connect Technologies began in New York during a time when many families were still turning to newspapers and classified ads for the outreach they needed to make adoption connections. Frustrated by antiquated state laws that prevented them from running these print ads, families began turning to the internet as a way of expanding their adoption outreach. Based on our initial successes, we launched our first platform,, in 2012 and quickly it became the largest and most successful adoption service of its kind. Today, Adoption Connect Technologies continues to innovate with useful technologies that advance our core principles and assist our valued families.

Core Beliefs

Help For Everyone Pursuing Adoption

Whether through outreach, education, or service, our technologies are accessible to the entire adoption community.

Protect The Privacy Of Our Users

Our responsibility is to provide as much outreach as possible while protecting our users from internet scams and harassment.

Build A Better Adoption Community

Through educational podcasts, articles, and resources we are deeply committed to elevating adoption and navigating its many challenges.

Providing Options and Choices

For those considering adoption, we offer the means to make informed decisions and choices, free of coercion or influence.