We're Commited To
Changing Adoption For You
And With Your Help

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Our Mission is to create families through adoption and improve adoption for everyone. We are committed to building powerful and useful tools that bring the adoption community together. With that in mind, we have carefully constructed these community standards that we apply across all our platforms.

Community Guidelines

We bring together people for the purpose of creating families through adoption. We invite our families to share their life stories and connect with women who are considering adoption. We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive community for everyone who is interested in adoption. Consequently, we have established these guidelines to help make the app a welcoming place for everyone who uses it.

At Adoption Connect Tech, we value authenticity and safety. We encourage our users to share what makes them uniquely qualified to raise a child. We celebrate the diversity of our community and believe it is part of what makes us strong. We strive to keep our platform as safe and welcoming as possible and will take all necessary steps to maintain that.

Our Community Guidelines apply to all our users (both adoptive parents and expectant parents). We will enforce them through technology and staff moderation. We also invite our users to contact us regarding any content they believe is inappropriate or in violation of our guidelines.

Inappropriate Content

We will remove any content that violates our Community Guidelines. This includes content that contains illegal activities, hate speech, nudity, bullying, offensive language, or shocking content of any kind.

Inappropriate Behavior / Communications

During your time on Adoption Connect's platforms, you may choose to communicate with other users in our community. This is encouraged and part of our core mission. However, we will act swiftly to remove any user we deem to be abusive with his/her language or behavior. This includes verbal abuse, insults, threatening language, bullying, or harassment of any kind. Please treat everyone with respect and dignity you would like to receive. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the app.

Removal of User Accounts

If we determine that a violation has occured, we will suspend or ban accounts and/or devices that are involved in severe or repeated violations. When warranted, we will report the accounts to relevant legal authorities. We will have a zero tolerance policy toward scamming of any kind. Presenting false information about yourself to others with the intent of deceiving them (e.g. lying about a pregnancy) will result in a lifetime ban from our platforms.

How We Help Women Who Are Considering Adoption


Women who are exploring adoption are legitimate members of our platforms. They are always treated with respect and dignity.

Adoption Is Your Choice

Our platforms promote personal choice. We do not ever pressure a person into an adoption plan.

Right to Privacy

Women considering adoption have the right to remain totally anonymous as they use our services.

Selecing the Right Adoptive Parents

Women considering an adoption plan have the right to choose ANY qualified person or couple to parent their child. We do not discriminate.

Adoption without pressure or influence

Women considering adoption have the right to choose their own path, free of influence or interference.

Choosing Parenting Instead of Adoption

Women considering adoption have the right to change their mind.